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Please view the most recent COVID updates from the Special Services office below. 

Since we are now in moderate to high transmission, we are strongly recommending wearing a mask in public spaces at this time. However, this decision is at your family's discretion. As always, if a student is sick they cannot come to school. Sick students must stay home, schedule a PCR test, and fill out this google form to report a positive COVID result.


My child suffers from allergies... 

If symptoms are deemed COVID probable, COVID must be eliminated as a possibility. If a child has chronic allergies, please provide the nurse with a note from a primary care physician to keep on file at the school. 

My child is symptomatic but tested negative with a Home Test...

You will need to confirm the negative result with a PCR test in order to return to school. If a PCR is not obtained, students must remain out of school for 5 days and wear a mask when they return for an additional 5 days.

My child tested positive less than 90 days ago but is symptomatic... 

The 90 days immunity is NOT a guarantee. RIDOH is reporting rates of reinfection with this new variant. If a child is symptomatic he/she will be required to eliminate COVID as a possibility with a negative PCR test result. 

Please refer to the COVID HOTLINE with any related questions:


7 AM - 3:30 PM

OR email via: